Twenty-first Century Feminisms in Children’s and Adolescent Literature (2018)

At a time when feminism struggles to find an appreciative audience with young people, Twenty-First-Century Feminisms in Children’s and Adolescent Literature by Roberta Seelinger Trites offers convincing arguments for its relevance by showing how contemporary feminisms inhabit literature written for children and adolescents. Throughout this book, Trites reflects on the ways in which literature for […]

Animality and Children’s Literature and Film (2015)

The monograph Animality and Children’s Literature and Film by Amy Ratelle is an investigation written from a posthuman and animality studies approach that aims to explain the permeability and fluidity of the boundaries between humans and other animal species in popular children’s books (4). One of the main aspects Ratelle is focussed on is the […]

Ecocriticism (2012)

Ecocriticism is a critical introduction to the field, both authoritative and accessible to newcomers. Garrard describes ecocriticism as a literary or cultural analysis of environmental issues, generally associated with green moral and a political agenda. Broadly defined, the subject of ecocriticism is “the study of the relationship of the human and the non-human» in cultural […]

Interpreting Nature: The emerging Field of Environmental Hermeneutics (2013),

Interpreting nature (edited by Forrest Clingerman, Brian Treanor, Martin Drenthen, and David Utsler) sets out to establishing environmental hermeneutics as a new field at the intersection of environmental issues and philosophical hermeneutics. The essays explore hermeneutical approaches to the concept of interpretation and the environment, in the field of environmental philosophy. One of the main […]

Thinking About Animals in the Age of the Anthropocene (2016)

The volume Thinking About Animals in the Age of the Anthropocene, edited by Morten Tønnessen, Kristin Armstrong Oma and Silver Rattasepp, grew out of a conference entitled Animals in the Anthropocene: Human-animal relations in a changing semiosphere (University of Stavanger, Norway, September 2015). The book contains twelve chapters by international researchers from a wide variety […]