Prepare for the next IRSCL-conference

The 24th Biennial Congress of the International Research Society for Children’s Literature will be taking place in Stockholm, Sweden 14-18 August 2019. The conference theme is “Silence and Silencing in Children’s Literature”. See Call for Papers for further information.

Fall 2017 – NaChiLit present at various conferences

Toronto, Canada, July 30 IRSCL Possible and Impossible Children Ahmed Katheeb: The Pastoral Idyll and the Wild   Sheffield, England, 6-8 September ASLE-UKI Cross Multi Inter Trans: Biennial Conference Lykke Guanio-Uluru: Digital media, artist and plant: James Cameron’s Avatar – a cure for plant blindness?   Padua, Italy, 28-30 September European Network of Picturebook Research – Home […]

Spring 2017 – NaChiLit present at various conferences

Padova, Italy April 20 Frames of the Body. Spaces and Places in Children’s Literature Nina Goga: Un sentimento della natura nordica? Quattro mappe in albi illustrati norvegesi contemporanei (A feeling of Nordic nature? Four maps in contemporary Norwegian picturebooks) See programme: International_Seminar_Apri_20_University_Padova   Bergen, Norway May 30 – June 1  Digital Technology in Arts Education […]

Ecocriticism in The Nordic Countries – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Västerås 4-5 may 2017

Just over a decade, Ecocriticism has been a part of the humanities in Sweden. The research group called Ecocritical Forum was founded at Mälardalen University at a time when Ecocriticism was not yet an established research specialization in the country. Today things are different. Networks have been formed, research projects have been carried out, educational […]

Grand Narratives, Posthumanism, and Aesthetics

Aarhus Conference 22-24 march 2017   Please submit 400 word abstracts (incl. short bio) to: Deadline: November 1, 2016 Subject Fields: Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Film and Film History, Literature, Philosophy, Popular Culture Studies


First Workshop of The Ecocritical Network for Scandinavian Studies (ENSCAN) Mid Sweden University, Campus Sundsvall, 2-3 December 2016   NaChiLit participants: Nina Goga: Confronting an antropcentric perspective – advocating an ecocentric perspective (read abstract) Lykke Guanio-Uluru: “Ecocentric, Bio-semiotic and Anthropocentric Perspectives on the Norwegian Children’s Narrative “Kubbe makes Shadow Theatre” (read abstract) See Call for […]

Fears and Pleasures in Nordic Childhoods

BIN Norden Conference 2016 10th–11th November 2016 at Lysebu, Oslo Childhood has often been seen as a sheltered world unto itself, but the realities of our modern society have given rise to a whole range of new childhood experiences. The conditions for cultural participation by children and adolescents are being negotiated and constructed in new ways […]