NaChiLitCul referred to in Prosa

In an essay about alternativ animal stories Ida Skjelderup notes that «De fire bøkene er eksempler på sakprosa for barn som alle byr på nye og eksperimentelle måter å formidle kunnskap om natur på. Forfatterne presenterer stoffet på en sånn måte at det nok vil vekke fascinasjon og nysgjerrighet og slik sett bidra til at […]

Article on the nature of play in Pinocchio

Based on ecocrtical theory, theories about ‘The Strange Child’, and theories about play and criteria of play as found in Peter Smith’s Children and Play (2009), this article by Nina Goga (page 103-121) aims to examine the nature of play in various illustrations of Pinocchio’s sojourn in The Land of Toys. The article also discusses […]

Prepare for the next IRSCL-conference

The 24th Biennial Congress of the International Research Society for Children’s Literature will be taking place in Stockholm, Sweden 14-18 August 2019. The conference theme is “Silence and Silencing in Children’s Literature”. See Call for Papers for further information.