About the project

The project will strengthen the quality of education and research in applied theater, especially at the fields of process drama and TIE (Theater-in-Education), and cooperation on education between the institutions and participating partners.

The goal is to develop sustainable mobility windows for students and employees, develop and customize subject plans and curriculum for BA / MA courses at HVL and at STA, facilitate student practice in collaboration with participating partners.

Main partners are Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA, Department of Literature) and Western Norway university of Applied Sciences (HVL, Drama Department, SEKKK, Faculty of Teacher Education, Culture and Sport).

Project goals:

  • Create sustainable mobility windows for student and staff exchange.
  • Jointly develop three master courses at HVL within Applied Theater/ TIE/process drama.
  • Jointly develop two BA/MA courses at STA within TIE/process drama and acting skills.
  • Create internship periods at enterprise partners as part of the new courses.
  • Develop new digital tools (within i.e drama conventions, methodology and didactics).
  • Develop joint research projects for master/ph.d students and apply for funding for two new Ph.D positions.
  • Conduct joint research and dissemination (one Ph.D dissertation, a report from each annual symposium, a peer-reviewed anthology about applied theatre).
  • Application for funding for two Ph.D. candidates at HVL within the program for «Bildung and pedagogical practices»; one to be eligible for a Chinese candidate, and the other for a Norwegian candidate.
  • Arrange annual workshops and symposia (producing a co-artistic performance for the final symposium).

Non-academic partners (Enterprise Partners):

  • In Bergen:
    Bergen municipality, DNS, Kompani DramaX.
  • In Shanghai:
    Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, Shanghai Affiliated Academy High School of Traditional Opera.

Participants in the project:

  • In Bergen outside HVL:
    – Jan Ove Johansen, Head of Section School, Bergen municipality.
    – Agnete Haaland, theater director, DNS.
    – Guttorm Vik, Rector, Rothaugen School, Bergen.
    – Marte Rosenvinge, Kompani DramaX, Bergen.
  • At HVL:
    – Berit Bareksten, Project Manager Partnership School Project.
    – Stig Eriksson, Professor Emeritus, Drama.
    – Jon Hoem, Associate Professor, Arts & Crafts.
    – Katrine Heggstad, PhD fellow and college lecturer.
    – Anita Nordseth, Senior Consultant.
    – Maren Stallemo, advisor for international relations.
    – Tom Are Trippestad, professor, pedagogy.
    – Zheng Sisi, PhD fellow, Drama.
    – Siv Ødemotland, Assistant professor, Drama.
  • In Shanghai outside STA:
    – Yu Rongjun, dramatist and vice president SDAC.
    – Young Sheng Han, Rector of SAAHSTO.
  • At STA:
    – Gong Baorong, Professor, STA.
    – Hsu Yang, Associate Professor, STA.
    – Zoong Yu

The participant group has 19 members, including researchers, administrative staff and
representatives from non-academic cooperating companies. Among these is one formed
project team with academic and administrative personnel from the two institutions within
higher education (HVL and STA) and two members from network partners. This group has
the overall responsibility for managing the project, facilitating mobility, discussing
plans and lead development of planned activities such as new courses / studies and mobility windows.

The project team consists of:

  • Project coordinator and project manager from HVL: Tor-Helge Allern
  • Project coordinator from STA: Liu Qing
  • Faculty representative, HVL: Katrine Heggstad
  • Faculty Representative, STA: Yang Hsu
  • Administrative advisor, HVL: Maren Stallemo
  • Administrative advisor, STA: Yu Zong
  • Economic advisor, HVL: Anita Nordseth
  • Network Partner from Bergen: Jan Ove Johansen
  • Network Partner from Shanghai: Yu Rongjun

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