Kina-Norge samarbeidet

The China-Norway cooperation within Early Childhood Education is based upon a cooperation between Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University and Beijing Institute of Education since 2002. The China – Norway cooperation within Early Childhood Education is now comprising research cooperation, educational cooperation in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, student mobility and cooperation with Chinese and Norwegian kindergartens.

The aim of the cooperation is in line with the Norwegian Panorama strategy where strengthening cooperation with the BRICSJ countries (Brasil, Russland, India, China, South Africa and Japan) is given highest priority.

The cooperation has been supported by SIU (Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education) through the UTFORSK program for the period 2015-2016 and 2017-2020.

The ongoing cooperation project comprises three part projects:

  1. Developing joint research projects
  2. Developing a dual master degree comprising a one-year mobility for students
  3. Developing a China – Norway kindergarten network

The main activities include research group seminars, mobility for researchers, seminars for kindergartens and student mobility. The areas for joint research is Children as explorers, the glocal teacher and education for sustainable development.

Network: Nordic Summer University: Learning and Bildung in time og Globalization (2018-2020)

Leader of the project                                                                   

Åsta Birkeland

Other participants

Ruth Ingrid Skoglund

Siv Ødemotland

Li Minyi, Beijing Normal University

Pan Yueyuan, Beijing Normal University

Jiang Yong, East China Normal University

He Min, East China Normal University