Felicity Burbridge Rinde

Project title: Music in primary schools and social inclusion of immigrant pupils

Project description: The object of my research project is to explore in what ways music in schools might contribute to social inclusion of pupils with an immigrant background in Norwegian primary schools. The main research question is: How might music lessons and extra-curricular music activities contribute to or impede social inclusion of immigrant pupils in Norwegian primary schools?

There are two complementary research strands to the project. The first strand consists of a critical reading of the past and present music curricula in Norway, and the draft new curriculum, to investigate what understandings of inclusive music education may be derived from these, seen against literature on intercultural education, inclusion, sociology of music education and the educational theory of Gert Biesta. The second is an ethnographic-inspired case study of a music programme with a strong focus on social inclusion in a primary school with a large proportion of pupils from immigrant backgrounds. Through these two strands I explore multi-voiced perspectives on music in school as an arena for inclusion/exclusion and social cohesion.

Main supervisor: Professor Catharina Christophersen, HVL

Secondary supervisors: Vibeke Solbue, HVL and Dr Ailbhe Kenny, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland

Project period: August 2017 – July 2021

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