ICME 2016 – Hamburg

Paper and presentation: Climate Change in Mathematics Classroom

Lisa Steffensen, Ragnhild Hansen and Kjellrun Hiis Hauge, Bergen University College

Abstract: An online survey was carried out to get a first impression of what teachers do in classrooms, and why, in relation to climate change and mathematics education. Barbosa’s perspectives of mathematical modelling inspired the questionnaire: “modelling as vehicle”, “modelling as content” and “modellings as critics”. The survey response was mainly qualitative in nature. Although the questionnaire did not address modelling specifically, several of the teacher’s answers to the open questions refer to modelling. In this paper, we analyze the answers in accordance to perspectives of mathematical modelling and to different modelling stages. The teachers express a great variety of ways to approach the topic, where many of these may be related to modelling.


Presentation: Presentasjon