The project aims at developing a pedagogical model for implementing formative assessment in higher education by using the digital application OneNote for Classroom. Research shows that formative assessment can have a powerful effect on student learning (Hattie 2012). However, the results of the 2015 national student survey in Norway (Studiebarometer) reveal that students are generally dissatisfied with assessment practices and the quality/amount of feedback. An increased focus on formative assessment has therefore the potential of improving both student achievement and the overall course satisfaction.

The model is being trialled in the context of undergraduate English courses  for students in their first year of teacher training at the two participating institutions. The aim is to design a flexible pedagogical model that other institutions and study programs can draw on and adapt to their needs.

The model focuses on the digital portfolio as a pedagogical tool and explores affordances provided by OneNote for Classroom in facilitating formative assessment by creating opportunities i) for student-active assessment practices (peer assessment, self-assessment), ii) for individual and collective feedback in different forms, iv) for collaborative work in the ‘shared workspace’, v) for tracking individual students through ‘student notebooks’, etc.

The project will result in redesigned target courses which will better support formative assessment practices. The results and experiences will be shared through (1) a handbook for staff, describing the model; (2) a video documentary, presenting the model and our experiences, (3) a project website, (4) conference presentations and publications.

The project is a collaboration between the English section and the Centre for New Media, both from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (Høgskolen på Vestlandet) and a project partner from the University College of Southeast Norway (Høgskolen i Sørøst Norge).

The Project is funded by Norgesuniversitetet and the two educational institutions involved (HVL and HSN). Project pages on the website of Norgesuniversitetet: https://norgesuniversitetet.no/prosjekt/implementing-formative-assessment