Fall 2017 – NaChiLit present at various conferences

Toronto, Canada, July 30 IRSCL Possible and Impossible Children

Ahmed Katheeb: The Pastoral Idyll and the Wild

IRSCL Congress 2017 logo


Sheffield, England, 6-8 September ASLE-UKI Cross Multi Inter Trans: Biennial Conference

Lykke Guanio-Uluru: Digital media, artist and plant: James Cameron’s Avatar – a cure for

plant blindness?


Padua, Italy, 28-30 September European Network of Picturebook Research – Home and Lived-In Spaces in Picturebooks from the 1950s to the Present 

Berit Bjørlo: Domestic ambiguity in a poetry picturebook by Synne Lea and Stian Hole

Nina Goga: The neighbouring nature of child protagonists in Norwegian award winning picturebooks published between 2006-2016

Ture Schwebs: Home is where your things are: A reading of the iPad app The Artifacts

Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge, Notodden, 26 October, Bildebokkonferansen 2017

Nina Goga: Hva er Norge? Forestillinger om norsk natur i bildebokatlas for barn.

Faculty of Education, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, 16-19 October, English Research Week 2017

Maria Pujol Valls: How paratexts can shape different visions of nature in translated children’s novels (on Tonje Glimmerdal)

Ciudad Real, Spain, 29 November – 1 December XVIII Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura. Visión histórica y prospectiva de la educación lingüística y literaria, see report

Maria Pujol Valls: Educación literaria y sostenibilidad: el concepto de naturaleza en la poesía infantil y juvenil

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