Invitation to a research paper seminar on Challenges of Sustainability in Educational Research

The research SIG COSER (Challenges of Sustainability in Educational Research) would like to invite colleagues to an open paper seminar with the aim of publishing a special issue of Acta Didactica with research on sustainability education Publication is planned spring 2019, with submission date medio October 2018.

The seminar will take place 20th – 21st of March 2018 

at Tøyen Hovedgård at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo.

Participants are expected to send in an abstract of 200 words. There will be a review process, but all contributors are still welcome to participate in the seminar. The deadline for sending in abstracts is 20th of January, 2018.

The program for the paper seminar will be presentations and discussions of the participants’ papers.

Maria Ojala, associate professor in psychology, will be plenary speaker. Maria’s research concerns how young people think, feel, act, learn, and communicate about global environmental problem, with a specific focus on climate change.

We encourage all scholars with an interest in sustainable issues in education to submit an abstract! There is a need for more research in a Nordic context, on how concerns of sustainable issues is addressed in education and how we should educate for future sustainable societies.


Send abstracts to; or

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