New article by Sæle, Hallås, Aadland: Et retroperspektiv på lærerstudenters friluftsliv og naturopphold i skole og fritid – et antroposentrisk fremfor et økosentrisk natursyn

The article discusses which view of nature five students express, according to their stay in nature in early childhood, leisure time and schooling. The discussion is based on a survey conducted as a part of a master’s degree at a Norwegian university college. The findings are discussed in light of the matrix The Nature in Culture Matrix, a coordinate system with the extremes anthropocentric, ecocentric, celebrating and problematic nature vision. The article also refers to René Descartes and Arne Næss, example of philosophers with an anthropocentric and ecocentric view of nature, respectively. An anthropocentric and celebrating natural vision seems to be a clear pattern among the students in our material, both in various outdoor activities in the adolescence and in their education at school.

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