Conferences 2020

The University of Bergen, Norway, hosts a conference on “Climate change temporalities: Narratives, representations and practices”, focusing on humanistic approaches to climate change. The conference takes place 5-7 August 2020 and the deadline for paper proposals is 1 March 2020.   The University of Oslo hosts a Nordic research conference on sustainability in education […]

New article: Children as eco-citizens?

Education for sustainability in early childhood tends to focus on practices and advocacy, rather than on the aims of this education. We suggest that the aim should be to consider children as being and becoming eco-citizens. This suggestion is built on an exploration of children as eco-citizens. With theories concerning child-sized citizenship we suggest a […]

Home is outdoors. A study of award-winning Norwegian picturebooks

Based on an investigation of 34 award-winning Norwegian picturebooks spanning the years from 1948 to 2010, I found that a substantial number portray outdoor spaces in nature as the most prevalent domestic space. My aim is to explore the depicted child’s relation to nature and discuss whether the child seeks to master nature, and how the idea of ‘mastering […]


The series collects selected articles based on papers presented at a joint ENSCAN and NaChiLitCul workshop on Ecocritical Perspectives on Nordic Children’s and Young Adult Literature . The workshop centred on mapping nature representations and ecological aspects of Nordic texts. The selected articles based on the workshop will appear consecutively in the Nordic Journal of ChildLit […]

Norsk Pedagogisk Tidsskrift: Invitasjon til temanummer om bærekraft og livsmestring

Vi ønsker med dette å invitere deg/deres fagmiljø til å skrive artikkel til et temanummer av Norsk Pedagogisk Tidsskrift om bærekraft og livsmestring. Norsk Pedagogisk Tidsskrift er et nivå 1 tidsskrift og temanummeret om bærekraft og livsmestring er planlagt publisert i nummer 3/2020.   Redaktører: Nina Goga (gjesteredaktør) og Merethe Roos (ansvarlig redaktør) Kontekst Høsten […]

Education for Sustainability: Developing Ecocritical Literature Circles in the Student Teacher Classroom

by Lykke Guanio-Uluru – How can student-teachers learn efficient ways to encourage sustainability thinking in their pupils and fulfil the competence aims on sustainability outlined in national subject curriculums as a response to UNESCO’s programme on Education for Sustainable Development, ESD? The core hypothesis of this project was that tailored literature circles, focused on the […]