Learning Outside the Classroom – Theory and Guidelines for Practice (2012)

The book Learning Outside the Classroom – Theory and Guidelines for Practice (2012), by Simon Beames, Peter Higgins and Robbie Nicol, provides a solid framework of principles that educators, lawmakers, and others around the world can use as they develop their outdoors-related learning programs. The authors come from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, a university that […]

HVL Sustainability conference

NaChiLitCul contributes substantial to the HVL conference on sustainability April 18-19 2018   April 18 Nina Goga: Children’s Literature as Exercise in Ecological Thinking Speed presentations Eli Kristin Aadland et.al.: Natursyn i studieplaner Nina Goga et.al.: Book presentation: Ecocritical Perspectives on Children’s Texts and Cultures: Nordic Dialogues & Project presentation: Fostering interspecies awareness through teacher education (SPECIESTEACH)   […]

Book chapter report – Natur og danning (2016)

The anthology Nature and Development (Natur og danning) (2016), edited by Bjørg Oddrun Hallås and Gunnar Karlsen, includes contributions that demonstrate how nature and the local environment can serve as important arena in planning, implementing and assessing various pedagogical practices in kinderga rten, school and higher education. In the anthology, the concept of ‘development’ is […]

Friluftsliv – En dannelsesreise by Nils Faarlund

Nils Faarlund is a central figure in the Norwegian outdoor recreation tradition – friluftsliv. Since the middle of the seventies, he has greatly influenced friluftsliv as a pedagogic practice and the development of friluftsliv philosophy. Faarlund’s philosophy was in keeping with the ecocritical ideologies that shaped much of the 60s and 70s in Norway. Faarlunds […]

Call for papers for special issue: Catastrophic childhoods

Daily reports on earthquakes, global warming, flooding, terrorist attacks, nuclear disasters, war and the refugee crisis produce a sense of living in a world marked by catastrophe. Cultural forms of expressions like literature, film and the news media give shape to and mediate these catastrophes, and thus shape our cultural imagination of them. In contemporary […]

Ecocriticism on the Edge: The Anthropocene as a Threshold Concept

The term Anthropocene is the epoch in which human impact on earth is irreversible. The concept of the Anthropocene was originally a geological reference however, the notion has broadened also to encompass the humanities and social sciences since the perspective of the Anthropocene affects human response to environmental issues on many levels. These perspectives are […]

Call for Papers: Affects, Interfaces, Events

Venue: Godsbanen Aarhus, Denmark, 29-30 August 2018 (PhD Symposium 28 August) Deadline for submissions: 16 April, 2018 Confirmed speakers: Brian Massumi, Erin Manning, Andrew Murphie, Susanna Paasonen The proliferation of digital and interactive technologies in most aspects of our daily lives produces an intensified distribution of affect. Existential conditions change through affective interface foldings of bodies, subjectivities and […]

En menneskeskapt virkelighet: Klimaendring, sosiale forestillinger og pedagogisk filosofi (2017) [Anthropogenic reality: Climate change, social notions and philosophy of education]

Why is so little done when we have so much reliable natural science knowledge about how the Earth’s climate is being changed by human activity? Why don’t we do enough when we know the consequences of not doing enough? This paradox is the starting point for the Norwegian book En menneskeskapt virkelighet by Ingerid S. […]