Our Children and Other Animals – Childhood and Pethood

Two recent texts—Our Children and Other Animals and Childhood and Pethood—offer new insights on the question of children and animals in society, culture, and literature. As my discussion below suggests, Childhood and Pethood expands on the social theoretical foundation established in Our Children and Other Animals. In Our Children and Other Animals, Cole and Stewart […]

Plant Theory: Biopower and Vegetable Life (2016) by Jeffrey T. Nealon

Initially, Nealon sets out to untangle animal studies’ relation to Foucault’s term biopower (which is associated with the concerns and practices of human life). Foucault dates the turn towards an emphasis on biopower to the beginning of the nineteenth century (7). Nealon’s initial  hypothesis is that animals have become such ethically compelling figures recently because […]

Antrozoologi. Samspillet mellom dyr og menneske (2018)

The book Antrozoologi. Samspillet mellom dyr og menneske (2018, Anthrozoology. The interplay between animal and human) was edited by Bente Berget, Elsebeth Krøger, and Anne Brita Thorød, all affiliated with the University of Agder, Norway. It takes a twofold approach to this topic: on the one hand, it aims to introduce the cross-disciplinary field of […]

Å forstå dyr. Filosofi for hunde- og katteelskere (2018)

Would you understand your dog if it could talk? Does your cat understand you? These are the opening questions in the Norwegian book Å forstå dyr. Filosofi for hunde- og katteelskere by the Norwegian philosopher Lars Fr. Svendsen. Svendsen is professor of philosophy, well known for his books, translated into 29 languages: Ondskapens filosofi [A […]

Learning Outside the Classroom – Theory and Guidelines for Practice (2012)

The book Learning Outside the Classroom – Theory and Guidelines for Practice (2012), by Simon Beames, Peter Higgins and Robbie Nicol, provides a solid framework of principles that educators, lawmakers, and others around the world can use as they develop their outdoors-related learning programs. The authors come from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, a university that […]

Book chapter report – Natur og danning (2016)

The anthology Nature and Development (Natur og danning) (2016), edited by Bjørg Oddrun Hallås and Gunnar Karlsen, includes contributions that demonstrate how nature and the local environment can serve as important arena in planning, implementing and assessing various pedagogical practices in kinderga rten, school and higher education. In the anthology, the concept of ‘development’ is […]

Friluftsliv – En dannelsesreise by Nils Faarlund

Nils Faarlund is a central figure in the Norwegian outdoor recreation tradition – friluftsliv. Since the middle of the seventies, he has greatly influenced friluftsliv as a pedagogic practice and the development of friluftsliv philosophy. Faarlund’s philosophy was in keeping with the ecocritical ideologies that shaped much of the 60s and 70s in Norway. Faarlunds […]