PhD course “Ecocritical Theory: Literature, Culture and Environment”

The University of Agder invites applications for the PhD course “Ecocritical Theory: Literature, Culture and Environment”, taking place in Kristiansand, Norway, on 25-27 September 2019. Detailed information on the course contents and the registration form can be found at The course will provide insights into a variety of theoretical approaches related to ecocriticism, such […]

Third Workshop of the Ecocritical Network for Scandinavian Studies: Environmental Change in Nordic Fiction

In the current climate of a global ecological crisis, visions and representations of the Nordic environment are undergoing a swift change. Traditionally, imagery of the Nordic and Arctic areas has been heavily influenced by the national Romantic ideas of purity and pristine wilderness, which still inform our common notions about the Northern nature. In recent […]

Call for papers til K&K 130: Stranden

K&K inviterer til å sende inn artikler som drøfter stranden som kulturelt topos, konsept og sted i og forbi de opptrukne bildene det vises til i anslaget, både konstanter og variasjoner. De følgende spørsmål peker på noen av de problemer og emner vi kunne tenke oss å få belyst i nummerets bidrag. Hvilke kulturelle uttrykk […]


This call for papers welcomes current curriculum shifts in which education for sustainable learning—ESD— is becoming an overarching link between disciplines rather than a subordinate pursuit in education. Scholars and lovers of poetry can attest to how it sustains us in our lifelong learning, including our emotional, creative, linguistic, communicative, and analytical development. The concept […]