Fall 2017 – NaChiLit present at various conferences

Toronto, Canada, July 30 IRSCL Possible and Impossible Children

Ahmed Katheeb: The Pastoral Idyll and the Wild

IRSCL Congress 2017 logo


Sheffield, England, 6-8 September ASLE-UKI Cross Multi Inter Trans: Biennial Conference

Lykke Guanio-Uluru: Digital media, artist and plant: James Cameron’s Avatar – a cure for

plant blindness?


Padua, Italy, 28-30 September European Network of Picturebook Research – Home and Lived-In Spaces in Picturebooks from the 1950s to the Present 

Berit Bjørlo: Domestic ambiguity in a poetry picturebook by Synne Lea and Stian Hole

Nina Goga: The neighbouring nature of child protagonists in Norwegian award winning picturebooks published between 2006-2016

Ture Schwebs: Home is where your things are: A reading of the iPad app The Artifacts

Høgskolen i Sørøst-Norge, Notodden, 26 October, Bildebokkonferansen 2017

Nina Goga: Hva er Norge? Forestillinger om norsk natur i bildebokatlas for barn.

Faculty of Education, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, 16-19 October, English Research Week 2017

Maria Pujol Valls: How paratexts can shape different visions of nature in translated children’s novels (on Tonje Glimmerdal)

Ciudad Real, Spain, 29 November – 1 December XVIII Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura. Visión histórica y prospectiva de la educación lingüística y literaria, see report

Maria Pujol Valls: Educación literaria y sostenibilidad: el concepto de naturaleza en la poesía infantil y juvenil

Spring 2017 – NaChiLit present at various conferences

Padova, Italy April 20 Frames of the Body. Spaces and Places in Children’s Literature

Nina Goga: Un sentimento della natura nordica? Quattro mappe in albi illustrati norvegesi contemporanei (A feeling of Nordic nature? Four maps in contemporary Norwegian picturebooks)

See programme: International_Seminar_Apri_20_University_Padova


Bergen, Norway May 30 – June 1  Digital Technology in Arts Education

Lykke Guanio-Uluru: Digital Nature: a reading of medial properties in the children’s app Kubbe Makes Shadow Theatre

See conference programme: http://www.dtae.eu/home/programme


Århus, Denmark May 30 – June 1 Children’s Media and Literature in a Mediatized World

Nina Goga: Environmental awareness through children’s literature

See conference programme: http://conferences.au.dk/childrensmediandliterature2017/preliminary-conference-programme/


June 8-10 NorLit 2017 Nordic Utopias and Dystopias

Maria Pujol Valls: Nordic utopia in children’s fiction. Or how illustrations can depict nature in a Norwegian novel and its Spanish translation

Kristin Ørjasæter: Jungle: A cultural crossroad for literary traditions?

See conference programme: https://norlit2017.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/norlit2017_program_17-32.pdf


Caen, France June 14-16 Le 2e Congrès de l’Association pour les études nordiques

Aslaug Nyrnes: Tonje Glimmerdal – a winter pastoral?

Conference website: http://www.unicaen.fr/recherche/mrsh/erlis/3956

Ecocriticism in The Nordic Countries – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Västerås 4-5 may 2017

Today things are different. Networks have been formed, research projects have been carried out, educational efforts have been made, and the field of Ecocriticism has been broadened.

We now think it is time to assess the place of Ecocriticism in Nordic research and educational contexts. We therefore invite you to a conference whose aim it is to take stock of and discuss Ecocritical achievements and approaches in the Nordic Countries.

For CFP and further information see: www.mdh.se/ekokritiskkonferens