External Research Partners

Fjell Municipality: BUC collaborates with Fjell Municipality about the NaChiLit project. The research group will conduct research in primary and lower-secondary schools (and in kindergartens) in Fjell Municipality in relation to their focus on outdoor education.

The Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen participates in the project through the research done by Gunnar Karlsen. The project as a whole will benefit from the Department’s research group in environmental philosophy.

The Norwegian Institute of Children’s Books (NBI) has as its mandate the development of knowledge about children and YA literature. The Institute is a private foundation that receives state funding. NBI owns an extensive collection of literature and research texts held by the National Library. The Institute strives to strengthen research in the field of children’s literature through network projects and the publication of the open access journal Nordic Journal of ChildLit Aesthetics. The collaboration with Director Kristin Ørjasæter and NBIs staff and literature collection is a resource for the NaChiLit project.

The Centre for Children’s Literature (CiB, established in 1998) is a research unit at the Faculty of
Arts, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University. The centre’s activities include research and teaching (MA in Children’s Literature). Of particular interest in relation to NaChiLit is the centre’s research on changes in the concept of children’s literature and on the notion that literature for children serves as a medium for general education. Anna Karlskov Skyggebjerg, Associate
Professor at Aarhus University, Faculty of Arts, participates in NaChiLit with her project on the Danish picturebook Skoven fra oven.

The Children and Youth Research Centre (CYRC) at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia has been highly successful in forging important international networks. A key element is Children’s Literature research, led by CYRC’s founding director, Professor Kerry Mallan, who has supervised doctoral research on ecocitizenship and environmentalism in children’s picture books and on post-nature and the posthuman in children’s literature, making her a valuable resource. Mallan has published books discussing ecocriticism and has critically examined the notion of children as ecowarriors. She has also published on the non-human with respect to animality. NaChiLit provides an ideal international platform for undertaking research that is cutting-edge in terms of thinking about important global issues concerning environmentalism and the part children’s literature plays in shaping readers’ ideas, philosophies and actions in the world.

The Faculty of Education at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya is represented by Maria Pujol Valls, who analyzes books for children that compile poems about animals, using the NaChiLit-matrix.