First Workshop of The Ecocritical Network for Scandinavian Studies (ENSCAN)

Mid Sweden University, Campus Sundsvall, 2-3 December 2016


NaChiLit participants:

Nina Goga: Confronting an antropcentric perspective – advocating an ecocentric perspective (read abstract)

Lykke Guanio-Uluru: “Ecocentric, Bio-semiotic and Anthropocentric Perspectives on the Norwegian Children’s Narrative “Kubbe makes Shadow Theatre” (read abstract)

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Representations of Nature in Nominated Nordic Children’s Literature

The project studies all nominated children’s book to “Nordisk råds barne- og ungdomslitteraturpris” in 2016.

The analytical tool is grounded on ecocriticism, green humanities and studies in environmental literature. In addition, all the nominated books will be explored through the NaChiLit-matrix.

Nina Goga will be the main researchers, but also bachelor and master students will contribute to the project with their own BA and MA thesis.

Fears and Pleasures in Nordic Childhoods

BIN Norden Conference 2016 10th–11th November 2016 at Lysebu, Oslo

Childhood has often been seen as a sheltered world unto itself, but the realities of our modern society have given rise to a whole range of new childhood experiences. The conditions for cultural participation by children and adolescents are being negotiated and constructed in new ways through interaction on local, regional and global levels. This poses a challenge to our traditionally uniform understanding of Nordic childhood, which is strongly in need of renewal. In particular, we must deepen our knowledge of the diversity of children and adolescents’ cultural participation and develop methods of studying this essential facet of our society.

The NaChiLit research group will present 2 panels: