Methodology in Mythology

Where Does the Study of Old Norse Religion Stand, and Where Can We Go from Here?

The 2019 Aarhus Old Norse Mythology Conference

Bergen, 31 October – 1 November 2019

Detailed programme


Welcome to the 2019 Aarhus Old Norse Mythology Conference in Bergen!

The topic this year is ‘Methodology in Mythology: Where Does the Study of Old Norse Religion Stand, and Where Can We Go from Here?’

The idea is to present a selection of important source types and approaches and discuss their potentials, pros and cons, based upon what the research history has shown. What can we gain by approaching Nordic pre-Christian myth and ritual from this angle? And what are the disadvantages or risks?

Musical entertainment by Einar Selvik, known from Wardruna.


Keynote lecture:

Margaret Clunies Ross: Prolonged Echoes 25 Years later.

Speakers and papers:

  • Joonas Ahola (Helsinki): Original, indigenous or vernacular? Approaches to non-Christian elements of mythology and religion in Finland
  • Laurine Albris (Bergen): Linking archaeology and sacral place names
  • Anders Andrén (Stockholm): Reading ritual out of archaeological remains
  • Stefan Brink (Cambridge / Uppsala): So, what do we do with toponymy?
  • Sophie Bønding (Aarhus): Typologizing religion: Reflections on the utility of religious typologies for the study of religion in the Viking Age
  • Frog (Helsinki): Orality behind the Source Texts
  • Terry Gunnell (Reykjavík): Myth and ritual seen as performance rather than written text
  • Amy Franks (London): How can queer theory contribute to the study of Old Norse mythology?
  • Pernille Herman (Aarhus): Memory studies and their relevance for Old Norse mythology
  • Jan Kozák (Bergen): The Pitfalls of Theory: The (dis)continuities among the paradigms interpreting Old Norse religion
  • John Lindow (Berkeley): (The Concept of Old Norse) Mythology. A Critical Discussion (of Early Scholarship)
  • Else Mundal (Bergen): Vǫluspá as a source for Old Norse religion in 2019
  • Luke John Murphy (Leicester) / Giulia Mancini (Aarhus): Comparative Approaches to Old Norse Religion: Nordic Myth and Praxis in the Light of European «Ethnic» Religions.
  • Andreas Nordberg (Stockholm): Folkloristic sources in Old Norse research? Some retrospective thoughts on the early debate on the last sheaf
  • Simon Nygaard (Aarhus): Typological Comparisons or Why It is Important to Know Many Religions: Sacral Rulers in Pre-Christian Nordic Religion Revisited
  • Jens Peter Schjødt (Aarhus): Argumenta ex silentio
  • Pierre-Brice Stahl (Paris): Reception as an influence on how we look at our sources
  • Michael Stausberg (Bergen) / Olof Sundqvist (Stockholm): Comparison: From prejudice to practice
  • Haukur Þorgeirsson (Reykjavík): The Dating of Eddic Poetry
  • Kendra Willson (Warsaw): Etymology in studies of Old Norse mythology: Possibilities and pitfalls

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