Publication of book in progress

We are happy to announce that we have inspired the publication of a book containing contributions presented at the Aarhus Old Norse Mythology Conference in Bergen in 2019!

Expected to be published in the Viking Collection, the aim of the book will be to present a methodology-oriented multidisciplinary resource for the study of Old Norse mythology, with articles covering a broad range of targeted topics. As methodology in research on Old Norse mythology is a pivotal, yet often overlooked, topic, the book pays attention to the current state of research as well as its possible future directions. With established specialists as well as newer voices from different backgrounds introducing new takes on well-known methodologies and new approaches within their field of research, many of which were presented at the conference, this publication aims to fill a gap in current research literature and anticipate future scholarship. Thanks to the variegated nature of the featured contributions, thus, the project aims to look at how different methods coming from different disciplines, such as for example archaeology, memory studies or linguistics, may provide new exciting inputs on how to approach Scandinavian pre-Christian mythologies. The resulting book is therefore intended as a resource for both students and researchers, providing access to a wide variety of approaches to mythology as well as perspectives on if and how these may be combined to further our understanding of Old Norse Mythology.

The editing of the forthcoming volume will be undertaken by a team of early career researchers :

Jesse Barber, Helsinki. He holds an MA in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies and is now a PhD-candidate at the University of Helsinki; His main field of interest is pre-Christian Scandinavian Religions and Scandinavian Folklore.

Amy Jefford Franks, London. They hold an MA in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies and are currently an independent scholar and the General Editor of Kyngervi. Their main field of interest is Queerness and queer theory in pre-Christian Scandinavian religions.

Jonas Koesling, Reykjavik. He holds an MA in Old Norse philology and is finishing an MA in Old Nordic Religions and Beliefs at the University of Iceland.

Giulia Mancini, Aarhus. She holds an MA in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies and is currently applying for Ph.D.-positions. Her main field of interest is History of Religions and Comparative Mythology.

Bob van Strijen, Oslo. He holds an MA/MPhil. in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies. Currently doing independent research and applying for Ph.D.-positions, his main field of interest is the history and historiography of late antique and medieval northern European beliefs.

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