Leaving Christmas in Norway for Summer in Botswana!

Ps ! Bare første innlegg vil være på engelsk – sannsynligvis 😉

Due to slow network – Pictures will be added later !

We met up to start out travel from Oslo. Our travel went on towards Dubai, and then to South Africa. Our last stop was Botswana. The whole journey looking back at it, went through really smooth! We were especially fond of the Emirates Airways, which did not lack on anything. We had a couple of good laughs, because Carmen always got the seat in the rare of the airplane, while Kristina and Ann-Iren were pretty close to each other further in front.

When we arrived in Dubai, we started to feel far away from home (sorry guys, but in a good way). The clean, great airport and all the different people, languages and shops! Small things perhaps, but enough to get us all worked up! This is all so exciting!

Long hours of waiting means a great amount of coffee (which no student would deny makes everything a little better!), and many great talks, so we got to know each other a little more already.

All the sudden we were boarding for South-Africa, again with the wonderful Emirates. And what a view we got! Another great airport, with cafes with views of grand hotels!

Ann-Iren and Kristina managed to find the Shololo-Lounge, which was the best part of the whole journey.. 2 hours of stay in the lounge, including taking a shower, free wi-fi, and all-you-can-eat bufee and soft drinks (more coffee, yes!).

As refreshed and uplifted women, we wandered through completely LOVELY african art shops, until we found our final gate. Boarding the little but charming Botswana Airways aircraft, we were ready for our final destination.

We have already noticed how different people communicate (verbally and non-verbally) here, and think we should be open minded towards this polite and welcoming host country. We had to answer some questions about our previous stays the last couple of moths, and open our suitcases for a guard in Francistown (Botswana). A female guard was surprised we brought so little for a whole 3 months stay. Haha! And we thought we had brought so much.. But then, we were finally through, and met our tutors husband and his friends who picked us up.

The drive through Francistown, and the arrival at their house, in which we will stay for our first 3 nights, was just so beautiful! So far, Botswana has offered so much more love and beauty than we ever expected.

Just few days ago, we got a mail from a previous student from Bergen (who also went several times to Botswana), who’s a family-friend of hosts. He told us that Matilda and Anders (our tutor and her -now- husband!) were getting married the same day as our arrival! We were so nervous about disturbing their wonderful day! But after bringing some sparkling wine and Norwegian chocolate hearts, we were having dinner with them and more of the family and their friends.


They were very generous, and introduced us to national specialties, like the tasty meat called “Siswaa”, which is a slow cooked beef! A real treat.. We also got our christmas-vibes extended by the side dish “surkål”; red kale.

We are very happy to finally be here – and look forward to the rest of this unique pracice experience !